“Mum! Mummy!” Sandra ran up the stairs, the sound of her size 4 feet as loud as automatic gunfire, echoing off the walls of the house. She was alone with her mother for the day; her father was still at work, and her elder brother was away in boarding school. Her mother had given the nanny the week off so she could spend the week with her only daughter.

Mrs Ikechi smiled as she brushed her hair in front of the mirror in the master bedroom. Sunlight streamed in through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking their backyard; it looked more like a mini-park than a backyard, to be honest. Done entirely in white, with the electronics’ black and the minimal chrome on the furniture, the room was her own personal heaven. She loved to sit and watch the sunrise here; the architecture had been deliberate. This was her inner sanctum, even more than the park or the pool.

Sandra burst into her room, eyes wide, buzzing with barely contained excitement.

“Yes Sandy, what is it?” she asked, turning to face her daughter on her stool.

“He’s here!” She blurted out, running and jumping on her mother’s lap, eliciting a delighted “ooh!” from her. “He’s finally here!”

“Who?” Mrs Ikechi asked, kissing her daughter’s forehead.

“The Storyman! I heard his truck outside the gate! You know the one, with the…the…jingle! It sounds a little bit like that Jingle Bell rhyme you taught me!”

“The Storyman? Was he not supposed to come last week?”

“Yes he was, but he didn’t and now he’s here. You have to take me to meet him Mummy. You told me he has a story for everybody, even me. I want my story Mummy please…”

One look at her daughter’s pleading face and she laughed out loud. “Alright,” she said. “Let’s go. Who knows, I might even find something for myself…”

And like Sarah, I am running to meet the Storyman because he is finally here. And by the Storyman I mean Tales From The Other Side, so it’s more like Storymen. And Women. Storypeople, if you will. I won’t bore you with the details; just go to the link below and download your own copy, free of charge. And take your friends with you, cos like the Storyman promised, there is something for everybody…

Download here:
Spread the news. Tell all your friends. There’s enough for everyone.
Let me know what you think of each story in the comments section (you can’t miss mine). Thank you!

Raymond Elenwoke.
October 12, 2015.
Port Harcourt.


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