Tales From The Other Side


So what happens when you bring together a bunch of writers, each brilliant, unique and crazy and leave them to their wits?
Chaos ensues.
Chaos, and Tales From The Other Side.


Tales From The Other Side is like…wine. Not old, it definitely not old. It is new, bold, and different.
Wait, am I advertising wines here?
TFTOS is the brainchild of a group of writers who decided to quit waiting for something to happen, and MAKE something happen. With 16 different stories, there is something for everybody, whether your thing is everyday life and drama, or political ripples…or like me, you love things that go bump in the night and make you look over your shoulder during the day, hoping to God that the guy you just saw at the junction two stops ago is not the same one you just saw behind you, coming out of a taxi, so you begin to walk just a little faster while you wait for a chance to cross the road to the other side…
Ok. So tomorrow, the dedicated website for TFTOS will be up, and then, you can download away!
So save the date.
3rd October, 2015. 6pm.
Then, the chaos begins.


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